It’s mid-January and normally I am in Christchurch, New Zealand. I’m usually very excited as the World Buskers Festival is about to start. The World Buskers Festival is a ten day long festival of street performing and evening shows. The festival organiser always does a fantastic job of picking the very best of the world’s street performing talent. The street performing circuit is really like a big global village, everyone knows everyone else and it’s a world in which I take pleasure being a part.


I started out my career as a street performer, singing opera in Trafalgar Square.


They nicknamed me ‘The Songbird of Trafalgar Square’, just a scrap of a girl who looked like she’d stepped out of a 50’s movie, singing operatic arias. Everyday, come rain or shine, I’d put on my sweater, circle skirt, rouge up my lips and head into London with my little pulley suitcase. Once in Trafalgar Square, I’d pop on my heels and maybe an underbust corset, pop my hat on the ground and sock it to ‘em.


After my show, I’d gather up my money and retreat to Prêt a Manger for a well-deserved hot chocolate. They were happy times, until the police got mean and moved me on after three years! I’ve retired from street performing now, but I always look forward to the World Buskers Festival; Christchurch is one of my favourite cities. This year is their 20th birthday and the line-up is huge including Le Gateau Chocolat, Gamarjobat and some of the top names in street performing. They have street shows, cabaret and burlesque and I wish them all an amazing festival.
For my husband and I? We are spending January shivering in England as we are expecting the patter of tiny, next generation busker, feet!
Maybe he’ll be part of the line-up for the World Buskers Festival’s 40th birthday?