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One of my all time favourite desserts is a divine tiramisu. The first time I did the Melbourne Comedy Festival with my husband in 2008, we stayed in the Italian quarter, right above the most divine Italian restaurant called La Notte. We’d eat there almost every night, and it got to the point where they would save us some tiramisu and we’d pick it up and eat it on our balcony. Happy memories.

Now, I make this dessert at least once a week and my family demolishes it in a couple of sittings. It’s not as traditional as some recipes, but it is super quick and delish and that is all that matters.

300ml double cream
250g tub mascarpone
80ml Amaretto, you can measure this out using the guide on the side of the cream pot. I know, clever huh?
5 tbsp golden caster sugar
400ml strong coffee, I use 3 Nespresso pods and top up with water
2 madeira cakes
25g chunk dark chocolate
2 tsp cocoa powder


Pop the cream, mascarpone, Amaretto and sugar in a large bowl and give it a really good whisk until the cream and mascarpone are completely combined and are smooth and thick.

Slice the Madeira cakes lengthways and in enough sections to cover the base of your serving dish. Then cover it with half the coffee and let it have a good soak.  Now spread over half of the delicious (completely calorie free?!) creamy mixture. Using a grater, grate over most of the chocolate and then repeat the layers (using up all the coffee), finishing with the creamy layer.


Cover and chill for a few hours or overnight, the longer the better!
To serve, dust with cocoa powder and grate over the remainder of the chocolate.

Voila! Delicious dessert in almost no time at all. Let me know how you get on.
Love Lili.  xx