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I think these past few months I have managed to become busier than ever before. My husband and I had agreed to try to become less ‘busy’ as we felt that the ongoing conversations of ” How are you?” “Oh, I’m sooooo busy, literally run off my feet” “Well, good problem to have!” had become annoying and actually quite damaging. It is not a virtue to be the busiest person in the world. Having said that, life takes off at breakneck speed sometimes and you just have to cling on for dear life and hope that you are still in one piece when it slows down. Hence, amid the new London Cabaret Festival, hosting shows, touring solo shows, helping Tape Face write his new show and my own performing and creating as well as wrangling a nine-month old who is actually in to everything, life is at its busiest and so blogging has rather slipped by the by. So I apologise to those of you who read this, I’m sure you were desperate for more Lili words!!

I’ll get you up to speed on my world and then we’ll start over. Deal?

London Cabaret Festival month is in full swing and the plans are afoot for the Festival next May too. I can’t say too much at the moment, but soon I shall reveal all, including the fabulous new Cabariot video which is going to be launched next Monday. In the meantime, here’s the old one...

I’ve been hosting a lot at Proud Cabaret in the City of London. The venue is so perfect for me and the wonderful people who work there always make me feel so welcome and at home and the line ups are always stellar. Here’s a quick selfie (don’t you hate them? Needs must.) of one of my hosting outfits for last week. I went for an 80’s meets Highwaywoman meets Vivienne Westwood does 20’s look. The gold dress is one that I have had forever and I contemplated selling it last year but I’m glad I didn’t as I liked the effect.

Lili at Proud

Lili at Proud


Last Monday, I took my husband for his birthday surprise (which had been ruined by Joe Black – devil) to see Danny Elfman’s music performed at the Royal Albert Hall. It was the most fabulous evening. Not only were goth royalty, Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton in attendance but the music was simply sublime and hearing Danny Elfman sing the music from Nightmare Before Christmas was utterly awesome. We laughed, we cried, we took dodgy shots of Tim Burton.

Tim Burton!

Last night, I went with my mother and sister to see The Birmingham Royal Ballet at Sadler’s Wells. They were performing three ballets, the final one being ‘Still Life at the Penguin Cafe’ which is one of my all time, absolute favourite ballet, (here’s my favourite part, The Zebra), in fact, I’m going to write a whole blog on it in a minute, so come back soon.

Until next time…

Love Lili