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This is a blog I have been planning to write for ages, but it’s quite a personal topic, and the idea of a hirsute female does rather get people worked up. However, I think it is important and relevant, so I am damn well writing it and you can read it, or not and approve of it, or not. I’m not terribly bothered about what people think of me.

When I was pregnant, I made the decision to grow my muff out. After years of doing burlesque and striving for modern beauty ideals, I decided that enough was enough. I reasoned that if I couldn’t see it, then I shouldn’t have to wax, shave or strim it. By the time the baby arrived, I realised that I had become quite attached, no pun intended, to my glorious pubic triangle and I decided to just let it be.

We live in a society where many women strive for childlike bodies, devoid of flesh and hair. As the mother of a son, I want him to grow up knowing that women have the right to do whatever they wish with their bodies and their bodily hair. I want him to respect a girl’s right to be as hairy or as hairless as they wish and as skinny or as curvy as they like. I’m incredibly lucky as I have a husband who is deeply dedicated to my happiness and incredibly respectful of my body and I hope to bring my son up the same way.

Recently, I’ve see the stirrings of the beginning of a tidal turn where pubic hair is concerned. Seemingly the last modern taboo of the female body, pubic hair seems to be making something of a come back. The mannequins in American Apparel in New York have recently developed pubes and I have seen a resurgence in pubic hair on female performers of late, most recently at the World Buskers Festival in Christchurch. I’m convinced that it is a trend set to continue.

I hope that in time, more women will lay aside their razors and allow Mother Nature to re-bestow upon them the bush which she always intended. On my part, I intend to cultivate my lady garden with the fervour of an obsessive horticulturalist.

Long live a furry muff.

Love Lili


ADDENDUM: I’ve been told that recently Cameron Diaz has also spoken out in defence of a furry foof, you can read her views here. What a delight that an A-lister has revealed her own hairy aspirations. Here’s hoping that young women everywhere wil listen. Until then, I’m retiring to my boudoir, armed with the Argan oil!