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I have just spent a glorious 10 ten days in the company of some of my favourite people in the world here at the World Buskers Festival. My street performer past has gifted me a global family of wanderers whom I see here and there around the globe at various festivals. It’s wonderful, but try organising a dinner party at home!

The Gang's All Here

from left: Derek Derek, Janet Guenther, Lisa Lottie, Reuben Dot Dot Dot and Sam Wills

I adore these people, I adore their creativity, their quick wit and our ability to pick up a friendship, parted by months or years, as though we had simply popped out for milk. As time moves on and we have married (each other, sometimes) and some of us now have children, it is a heart-warming thought that the village that raises my child is full of some of the most hard working, disciplined and funny people I have ever met. Already he has learned that if you do something funny, people will applaud and laugh. Maybe that is a slippery slope.

Reuben and Rafferty-Baz

Reuben Dot Dot Dot and Rafferty-Baz backstage

Also this festival, I have met new friends, who already feel like old friends because they are old friends of my old friends which basically makes them family. I’m proud of my friends, old and new. I’m proud that they are clever, funny and big hearted people. I’m proud because they work so hard to improve their shows and their skills to make everything even more impressive. I’m proud that despite the pain that some of them are in because of injuries caused by the job they do, they still push harder to do more. I always say ‘go hard or go home’ and that couldn’t be more appropriate for my glorious street performing family. They make me smile, they make me hoot with laughter, they make me feel safe and they are quite simply some of the dearest people in the world to me.
And so, to some, see you soon. To others, it’s be fun, see you somewhere and until that day comes, my darlings, fat hats to you all.

Now onward, to Adelaide Fringe.
Love Lili.